Monday, October 15, 2012

3 Tips for a Driving on Suspended Charge

Have you been charged recently with a driving on suspended license? Here are a few quick tips to help yourself, and help your attorney, get your charged reduced or dismissed altogether.

1. PAY OFF COURT FINES. Many driving on suspended charges are a result of past un-paid court cost or fine. Any defendant should get these paid in full prior to their court date. Many times this can result in a reduction in charge with a very low fine. 

2. GET YOUR LICENSE RE-INSTATED. If you have paid up any court costs that were previously owed, you should be able to get your license re-instated through the DMV. There is typically a $150 re-instatement fee that should be paid to the DMV. This again can help in having a charged reduced if not dismissed.

3. CORRECT ANY ISSUE THAT RESULTED IN A STOP. Drivers on the highways of the Commonwealth are pulled over all the time for remedial defects in their vehicles or registration; including a lapse in insurance coverage! These should be corrected prior to the trial date and can aid in having a charged reduced or dismissed.

Following these three quick tips can help your attorney navigate a charge of Driving on Suspended. Although not considered by many to be a very serious charge, these simple tips are important because multiple convictions for driving on suspended carries mandatory jail time. Again, doing these three things do not guarantee a reduction in charges or a dismissal but certainly will not hurt your case. If you have any questions about a driving on suspended charge, or any other traffic matter, please call and I can personally answer any questions you might have.

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